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The art of knitting has been practiced for thousands of years, but nobody knows who invented it. We
don’t even know its origin. The earliest known examples of knitting are stockings found in Egyptian
graves. This ancient technique, which creates an elastic textile made from one long thread, is trendier
than ever.

Knitted sweaters and scarves, gloves and hats, as well as more delicate knitted fabric and tricot dresses ... These
are all essential items in current fashion. For ARTE this was a patently obvious signal that knitted fabric would
catch on in trendy interiors.

ARTE always follows trends with Argus’ eyes and was inspired by the looping pattern that is so characteristic
of knitting. The name of this collection was derived from the Italian word ‘maglia’, which means loops or
stitches. The references in this collection are almost all variations on that theme. Each of them was inspired by
traditional clothing, as found in all cultures.

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